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Who are we?

Jacqui MartinJacqui Martin

I’m passionate about building better workplaces which put people at the heart of all that they do. I have a keen interest in what makes people tick and how to assist them to reach their potential. I enjoy variety, challenge and interaction with others and have strong facilitation and training skills.. 

You can view my career history on LinkedIn so rather than produce the same information below let me explain a little about the reasons why I made the moves that I did;

  • I moved from a small Babcock subsidiary to Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) because I thought that would offer more opportunities and that was very much the case. I joined AC in Aberdeen and ended up working for them in both Zurich and London.
  • I resigned 5 years later because I was questioning whether I wanted to be an accountant for the rest of my career. One defining moment was when a colleague got very excited after he’d completed a reconciliation and I realised that I could never get that excited about numbers!
  • After taking time out to study for an MBA, I reckoned it was an ideal time to have a go at being my own boss as I’d been driving family & friends crazy with lots of different business ideas for years.
  • After four years I accepted an offer to sell on the letting portfolio of my property business. I’d enjoyed the challenge of setting the business up but was no longer enjoying the day-to-day running of the business and also wanted to do something more meaningful.
  • I moved to social enterprise consulting in my quest to do something more meaningful
  • Employee ownership interested me because it seemed like a much fairer way to run a company. Why shouldn’t everyone share power, knowledge and rewards?
  • I’ve enjoyed project managing the transitions of companies into employee ownership dealing with both the technical and the people aspects but its the people side of things that I’m passionate about. So often people see the completion date as the end of their journey to employee ownership whereas I see it as just the beginning in terms of changing culture, behaviours etc.
  • The idea of organisations being employee led without necessarily being employee owned is of increasing interest to me as often there can be financial participation in a company in terms of shareholding without the sharing of any of the other rights or responsibilities of ownership. Employee led means that leaders involve the employees in co-creating change projects and give them more autonomy in their working lives.

My key strengths are as follows;

  • Learner – I love to learn new facts, skills or knowledge and work well in fast-changing fields where it is necessary to keep up-to-date on the latest thinking.
  • Achiever – I am a very driven individual who has lots of energy to take on new tasks and challenges. I gain satisfaction through reaching the goals that I set myself.
  • Competition – I always push myself hard and aim to do my best in anything I undertake.
  • WOO (Winning Others Over) – I enjoy networking. I am energised by meeting new people and like to gain people’s trust.
  • Belief – I always try be authentic and to act with integrity.

My Myers-Briggs profile is ENFP which means that I possess warmth, creativity and open-mindedness.


We use a wide range of associates with specific skills and experience who are brought in to work on projects as required.