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What do we mean by “New Ways of Working”?

New Ways of Working that focus on Purpose and Participatory Leadership.There’s a revolution taking place within our workplaces and in management thinking that recognises new ways of working are needed.

The old ways of working aren’t delivering the results that we’d like and more to the point there are a huge number of people who are disengaged and miserable at work. New ways of working include ideas such as;

  • Focus on Purpose
    Uniting everyone in the organisation behind a meaningful purpose that goes beyond making profit
  • Values Based
    Setting values of organisation together and being clear on the behaviours that are expected
  • Participatory Leadership
    Leaders don’t need to have all the answers. Instead they need to be able to work in ways which tap into the collective intelligence of everyone within their organisation
  • Authenticity
    Enable people to be themselves at work and not have to hide behind a mask
  • Self-Organisation
    Moving away from hierarchy and command & control leadership
  • Autonomy
    Don’t treat employees like children but instead allow them to take responsibility for decisions that affect the work that they do
  • Employee Ownership
    Sharing power, knowledge and rewards with employees
  • Open Book Management
    Sharing detailed financial information with employees and helping them to understand what is being shared
  • Trust
    Building workplaces that are based on trust
  • No Annual Appraisals
    Instead there is continual feedback on an informal basis

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