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Imagining a “New Normal” for Business

Wake up Call The last couple of weeks have been tough and I must admit to feeling anxious at times. But I’m also hopeful. Whilst I wouldn’t have wished any of us to have to go through this, I think this was the wake up call that we all needed. A wake up call in […]


Employee Ownership isn’t just about Financial Participation!

Employee Ownership is about so much more than share schemes There’s often a misconception around employee ownership with people thinking that its just about share schemes but true


Collective Intelligence – The Gold Mine Within Your Company

Great Leadership is all about tapping into the collective intelligence within your organisation. What do we mean by “Collective Intelligence”? Collective intelligence is basically the knowledge, experience, views and opinions held by everyone who works for your company. Too often its thought that the people at the top of an organisation should have all the answers but […]